19 chords eveery ukulele player should know

19 Chords Every Ukulele Player Should Know

Understanding some basic stuff about chords.

Beginner chords are usually played within the first four frets of the instrument. Every chord can be played in more than one way on the ukulele fretboard.

There are Open Position chords and Closed Position chords.

Open position chords are chords that have at least one open – or non-fretted string. These chords are found all around the neck of the ukulele, however when most people refer to ‘open’ chords they mean the first position chords that are fretted in the first three or four frets near the headstock.

Closed position chords have all strings fretted. An example of a closed position chord would be the Bb chord. 

Chords with the same name can be played in different places on the neck.

Chords Have Different Sound Qualities

Have you ever wondered why some songs feel happy, and others have a sad feel to them? Its because of chord qualities.

Most chords fit into two categories

  1. Major chords which are Happy sounding.   C  G  F
  2. Minor chords which are Sad soundingMajor   Am Em Dm

Another useful chord category is the Dominant 7th chord. Which is almost always referred to as the 7th chord.

A seventh chord or dominant 7 chord has the number 7 after the note name. C7 A7 G7 D7

Learn these chords and you are well on your way to playing thousands of songs!

Major Happy Chords

Major Chord Diagrams

Minor Sad Chords

Minor Chord diagrams. They feel sad.

Seventh Chords (Dominant 7th)

Dominant Seven Chords

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