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Written by KEV

Tiki Nation Ukulele Podcast. Give it a listen.

Check out our Tiki Nation Ukulele Podcast.  Helpful Tips for  Ukulele enthusiasts.

Are you ready to buy your next ukulele?
Buyer beware! All ukuleles are not created equal. In this Tiki Nation Ukulele Podcast Your guide and ukulele success coach KEV goes over 7 things you need to check before you before you lay down your hard earned cash on your next ukulele.

In this Tiki Nation Ukulele Podcast KEV discusses common ukulele tunings, the differences between Low and High G strings, Baritone Tuning, English tuning and slack Key tuning.

In this Episode of the Tiki Nation Podcast KEV discusses the different ukulele sizes and offers suggestions on which ones will work best for you.

In this Season 1 episode KEV covers the essentials things you need to get started on the ukulele and other useful tips every beginner should have to get started on your ukulele adventure.