Take the Amazing Tiki Recipe Book Challenge!

Let's Get

Here’s what you do.

1: Choose a recipe for a food, beverage or desert

Food Recipes:

These should be easy to make recipes of food that you would eat at a ukulele playing party.

Beverage Recipes:

Non-alcoholic or Fun Umbrella Drinks and Cocktails.

Desert Recipes:

Anything goes. Who doesn’t like dessert?

2. Type out your recipe and email it to:  KEV @kevmusic .com

Recipes should include:

  • A Fun Recipe name
  • A very short story about the recipe,
     where it came from or why its awesome…etc.
  • I list of ingredients with measurements
  • Cooking Instructions – how to make it

The name of the person who is submitting the recipe (for Credit)

The State/City where you live.
Example: Scripps Ranch, California

3. An iPhone picture of the finished meal

Recipe Example

tiki recipe example


Collect Tasty Tiki Recipes.
Create a Tiki Retro Style Entertainment Recipe Book
Share it with Ukulele Players around the world
Have a Tiki Cookout Potluck Jamboree!