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Jamming Over the E and A Chords - Buddy Guy Style Blues

About This Lesson Series

Jamming in the style of Buddy Guy. In this lesson we review 4 scale positions that can be used to jam a I IV V blues progression over the A major and an E major chords or over the  A major and an E minor chord.  

Then we will learn how to extract various licks from the scale patterns to create interesting Lead Solos. 

This Jamming lesson was created using a Buddy Guy Tune that you can use to jam over!  

What Kind of Woman Is This? by Buddy Guy was released in 2005 on his 13th studio album, Bring ‘Em. It was the only tune on the album written by Buddy Guy. 

The album features a number of Song Covers featuring collaborations with other artists including: Carlos Santana (guitar), Tracy Chapman (vocals), John Mayer (guitar), Keb’ Mo’ (guitar), Anthony Hamilton (vocals), Robert Randolph (pedal steel), and Keith Richards (guitar).

From Lesson  23-0821

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