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Tired of the Same Old Hum Drum Strums?

New to the Ukulele and looking for a better way to learn?

Overwhelmed and confused as to how to start?
Afraid of learning bad habits and setting your progress back years?
Afraid of making costly mistakes?
Looking for a Fun, Easy to Understand Ukulele Method that gets results?

Been playing a while and feel stuck at the same level?

Tired of playing the same 4 chords with the same old boring strum?
Do you Strum and Strum but never quite get to the next level?
Do you feel you never really learned the proper fundamentals?
Looking for real world pro techniques, tips and tricks?

You ever think to yourself...
"There has got to be a better way to learn ukulele, have fun AND get results?"

There is a better way

Practice Less. Learn better and faster.

QuickStart Ukulele 101

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It takes 100 times longer to unlearn and correct a bad playing habit than it does to create a good one from the start!

KEV - Ukulele Success Coach

Learning to play the Ukulele
is Easier than ever.

Practice Less. Improve Faster.
Have More fun!

And all of these things are totally within reach for you, whether you’re a total Newbie starting from scratch or someone who has been playing for a while who is looking for a way to level up their ukulele skills.

Introducing Ukulele 101.
The Best Way To Learn Ukulele

Over the years I’ve helped teach thousands of people how to play the Ukulele. I’ve taken over 30 years of experience as a clinician, author, performer and professional gigging musician and used it to develop a unique Quickstart teaching method that is fun and results oriented.

I’ve taken all that real world life experience and distilled it down into a fun and easy to understand method designed to get you real results, save you time and help you avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes along the way.
No fluff, just the stuff!

What you will learn in this course?

This goals of this course are to get you playing tunes
as quickly as possible... the right way.

Get Some Mad Ukulele Skills. Have Fun Doing it.

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Develop a Chord Ukulele Vocabulary

With the 20 most played Ukulele chords

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Learn strumming fundamentals

Learn strumming techniques you can build on.

Learn to play fun REAL songs

Start your tune repertiore! Impress your friends and neighbors
Note: No Frère Jacques or Twinkle here! We Rock.

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Develop the skills & knowledge to play thousands of songs.

That's Right. You'll learn chord progression used in thousands of tunes.

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Learn Ukulele knowledge EVERY ukulele play needs.

How to Tune, learn about strings a what gear you REALLY need to start playing. (this alone could save you more than the price of this course!)

Learn how to Read Chord Diagrams and Tune Sheets

Be ready for your first Ukulele Club Meetup. Download Tune Sheets and Tunebooks and play!

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Avoid the most common beginner mistakes

You'll learn Pro Tips that will save you time. help you grow faster and steer you around the pitfalls that trap most beginners.

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By the end of this course you will have the skills and knowledge to play thousands of songs and you will be ready to go to your first Ukulele Meetup.

How will I know if this course will work for me?

Can I trust that this course is the REAL DEAL?


Course taught by KEV 

I’ve helped thousands of people learn to play ukulele. I care deeply for my students and their success! Over the years I have discovered that every student learns differently.

Through trail and error on my quest to propel my students to the next level I discovered some key teaching secrets that really got results.

I’ve taken over 30 years experience as both a teacher and as a performer and condensed it into this QuickStart Ukulele 101.

Start Your Ukulele Adventure now.

Stop Denying yourself Ukulele Joy.

KEV - Ukulele Success Coach

World's Most Okayist Ukulele Player

KEV is a top selling author of several QuickStart™ Instructional Ukulele Books published and distributed world-wide by Hal Leonard and Centerstream Publishing. He is a sought after clinician and has worked with NAMM, KALA and Taylor Guitar and has done events, workshops, festivals and teaching camps.

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Mae - Online, learning and having fun...
Crushing it... and she's even barely 92.

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You will receive a copy of your receipt and a welcome email along with your login details. And you’re good to go!

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