Play Blues on the Ukulele
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How the online class works.

The classes are done in Webinar format. You watch and play along. You can join the conversation and ask questions in the chat during the presentation. You can download the class handouts during the class.


How do I get online for the class?

It’s SUPER easy. You just sign-up for the class with your name and email for as many sessions as you like from the scheduling Calendar List. Once you are registered you will then receive an email confirmation and a reminder with the link to the Tiki Online Classroom.  Just click the link a few minutes before the scheduled class  time and you are in!  

How do I get the Class Materials Handouts?

It takes 10 times as long to fix a bad playing habit as it does to create a good one.

Why can’t I get the handouts before the class

We would rather teach you the correct way to play it and THEN have you practice it with good technique rather than have you waste your time practicing it wrong all week and have to spend even more time fixing and unlearning  bad habits. 

  1. If there are handouts ready before the lesson you will get an email with the download links attached after you register. Everything is taught in the class so you don’t need them ahead of time.
  2. During the class you will be able to download the class materials directly from thelesson interface in your browser. 
  3. After the lesson you will receive an email with the replay links to the lesson and the support materials

About the Diving Ducks Ukulele Blues Class

Play the Blues if it Makes You Happy

The Diving Ducks is an Intermediate + level class where we deep dive into the Licks, Tricks and Styles of the Blues. In this class we transform our humble ukulele into a Mean Lean Blues Machine. It’s a fun and challenging class that will take your playing to a different level. We work on iconic Blues Songs, Blues Styles, Jamming, Chord Techniques, Grooves and more. 

Put some Secret Sauce and the Bacon Fat into your licks and learn some Pro tricks. No Beginners Please!  Your heads would explode. 

Class Structure

This class is all about learning and developing the skills and techniques you need to ACTUALLY play blues on the ukulele. We take iconic blues songs and the playing styles of some historic players and show you some Pro-Tips and tips on how to recreate those sounds on your ukulele.   

After the class we send out a follow up email with the replay and the links to the class materials for the lessons. 

NOTE: You will ONLY get the class replay and links if you had registered for the class.

Class Input

We adapt the classes to what the group likes and what level the group is playing at.  We ask for input from the class in the form of emails, live talk at class, anonymous polls during the class and of course your chats during the class. 

Class Fees & Payment

During the Current Covid19 Pandemic we are offering online classes on a Donation only basis.

If you like the class and can afford it we ask that you donate to help us keep the music going for others in the ukulele community

If you are having a tough time right now…we’d love to help you.
Please take the class and have some fun. It’s the least we can do. After all You’re an important part of our Tiki Nation Ukulele Community.