B.B. #001

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Rock Me Baby - Lesson #1

This lesson series is based on the blues progression and style used in the iconic blues song Rock Me Baby. popularized by B.B. King.

In this lesson:

  • Learn a moveable groove pattern played over the basic I IV V blues structure of the song to create a signature blues sound you can use in your ukulele jams.

  • Get an Introduction to the B.B. Blues Box

KEV explains how to add a basic rhythm groove accompaniment that can be added to your Ukulele Toolkit and gives an introduction to the B.B. King Blues Box. The Blues Box is a pattern of notes from the pentatonic scale with an added “Blue Note” used to play blues lead solos

About This Lesson Series

This lesson is from KEV’s Diving Ducks Online Ukulele Blues Class. This course covers Blues fundamentals from a variety of styles and how to effectively play them on the ukulele. It is an intermediate + level class. 

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