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Let Your Ukulele Adventure Begin! We've Charted Your Course.

Your Quest: Ukulele Awesomeness.

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Start Here: Ukulele 101
Step 2: Strum 101
Step 3: Finger Picking 101
Survival guide
Ukulele 101
Live Online Class
START HERE. This course is designed to get you playing your first chords and tunes.
Strum 101
Live Online Class
This course will teach you 6 USEFUL strums that you can incorporate into your ukulele repertoire.
Fingerpicking Fundamentals 101 LIVE Featured Course Art
Finger Picking 101
Live Online Class
This course teaches you the several picking patters and the fundamentals to set you up for Finger Picking Success!
Ukulele Survival Guide
Ukulele Survival Guide

Essential Beginner Downloads