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1 Turtle Chord Chart Chart Beginning Ukulele Chord Chart
2 Guide to Ukulele Tunings HandoutA Guide to Ukulele Tunings
3 Guide to Ukulele Sizes HandoutA Guide to Ukulele Sizes
4 Cows - Learn the String Names HandoutRemember the String Names - Good Cows Method
5 Names on the Fretboard HandoutNote names on the fretboard. Dots graphic with Sharps and Flats
6 Play C scale Note guide HandoutNote, Tab and Fretboard Graphic of C Scale Notes
8 Change Wheel - Cut Out, KeysMake your own Key Change Wheel
9 First Pentatonic Scale for learning Yout First Pentatonic Scale
10 Capo Key Transposing Chart for using a Capo to change Keys
11 up the Neck in Thirds to use Thirds up the fretboard
12 Positions of the Dm Pentatonic Scale, Pentatonic Quick Reference to 3 positions of the Dm Pentatonic Scale
13 String Major Scale Worksheet to do Single String Major Scales
14 It Be - Beatles Cheat Sheet Sheet, BeatlesCheat Sheet - Let It Be, Beatles Strums & TAB
15 My Life - Beatles Cheat Sheet Sheet, BeatlesCheat Sheet - In My Life, Beatles Strums & TAB

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