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Ukuele Fingerstyle and Fingerpicking
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Fingerpicking Fundamentals

Fingerpicking Fundamentals Technique 1

Fingerpicking Fundamentals Technique 2

Fingerpicking Fundamentals Technique 3

"Go To" Picking Pattern

Thumb Claw Picking Pattern


PDF Downloads Artist Genre Last Revised
Amazing Grace Traditional Traditional, Spiritual yes yes 12202020
The Hole In the Hedge Traditional Celtic, Traditional, Irish Yes Yes 12202020
Blackthorn Jig Traditional Celtic, Traditional, Irish Yes Yes 012320201
Bach Minuet J.S. Bach Classical Yes Yes 012320201
M.Carassi Study 23 OP.60 no. 7 Anon Classical Yes Yes 12202020
Fur Elise by Ludwig Van Beethovan Beethovan Classical Yes Yes 120212020

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Thumb Claw Picking Pattern