5 things do do with your ukulele during a pandemic

5 Proactive Things to do with Ukulele During a Pandemic

Remain Calm and Play ukulele

With the current climate and the fear of Coronavirus (or Covid 19) pandemic spreading across the world I thought it might be a good time do run through a few quick things that you can pro-actively do while we wait for things to shake out.  This Virus affects everyone’s life. Even Non-ukulele players.   Listen to the Podcast for this blog. 

When the going get’s tough, the tough get strumming!

The ukulele is a huge stress reliever. It’s your own personal little music therapy machine. This is the perfect  time to Woodshed and turbo-charge your ukulele playing. Think of how much you will impress your Uke Group buddies when you get together after the break!

1. Organize your practice area

Clean and organize your practice space. Not sure how to do it? Listen to our Tiki Nation Ukulele podcast on
How to set up the perfect practice space
 It will keep your mind off things and help you feel better.

2. Set up a practice routine and get into it! 

Not sure how? Listen to our podcast on “How to set-up a Practice Routine”. It will give you a routine and a

Roadmap to getting actual results from your practice time. Download a PDF practice routine worksheet.

3. Take on a Ukulele Challenge

Here are some ideas.

  • Challenge: Learn 5 new songs this week
  • Challenge: Write 1 new song a week
  • Challenge: Play a three song set for your family and friends

4. Be of Service

Check in on others. See how your ukulele buddies are doing.
Make a call list.  Find a way to help. Thats what Tikis do.

5. Get Web Social!

  • Host a Zoom Umbrella Drink Uke party with your ukulele buddies
  • Facetime  your friends and do a couch concert
  • Send out a challenge to your ukulele friends to pick their favorite songs and have a tele-conference song swap

Be kind to one another and play ukulele! For More listen to the podcast for this blog. 

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